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GrowerZ the Card-game will be launched in September 2016.
It is a funny and smart game, for 2 to 6 players, lasting around 25 minutes.
The game proposes to think about possible models of legalization of Cannabis and self-production, as it has already been ruled in many countries worldwide. GrowerZ is a DRAFT, imagined to be set in a context of legalization each player will have to choose between several options in order to build his/her own garden during the four season of a year. According to the character you will choose you will have to reach a specific goal in terms of quantity and quality, each player will have to produce according to his/her own needs. We decided as Games designer and publisher to propose a complex and delicate topic to focus on, because we believe a game on Cannabis self production can reach and inform a broad audience about possible changes in terms of Cannabis legalization and cultivation.