A brilliant strategy-game, which will bring you in the city of Genoa, year 1814


The town has suffered years of bad luck: the occupation by Napoleon’s army, the terrible siege by the English, the hunger that devastated the population… but none of this could corrupt the sublime scene of the town that is properly called “The Superb”.

Yes, the port is quite empty. The prosperity of twenty years ago has gone. But Genoa, or “Zena” as its citizens call it, is still there, in the center of the Mediterranean, as always…

In Genoa, on that evening of April 8, no one could know what was happening in London and Vienna. The guests at Costaggia Palace meet in the most private parlor. There is a Republic to build after many bad years, and business must start again. Everything must return to normality. They talk about union and cooperation, but each one hides a secret desire to exceed the others, obtaining the best deals with the foreign powers, gathering the most wealth and winning the favor of the people.

The family members, and their business partners, are already moving through the key places in town, hoping to gain control and prestige, and become the strongest family in town.

The most important eight months in the history of Genoa are beginning.

Il tabellone di Zena 1814
Zena 1814 a Essen 2015
Parlano di noi
Zena 1814 a Essen 2015
Il gioco

The Game

In Zena 1814 you have to play mixing competition and cooperation, will at the end just one player win or will the city interest prevail?

Zena1814 is a board game from 2 to 5 players, recommended from 12 years on, set in the Mediterranean City of Genoa, year 1814: strategy and tactics are mixed while you drive your family through 6 different centres of power.


Picture 1: On the left from above the prices for the Promoter and 2 Participants.

In Zena1814 you’ll have to handle your family business by moving your meeples in the keyplaces of the town and by playing Action cards in order to achieve wealth and honor.

The one that plays the action is the Promoter.He pays the first price and put a cube on the number.
Than, following the turn’s order, other players that have at least a meeples in the area where the card  was played, may pay the other price(s) to gain the bonus given by the card.
In picture one the cards is a commercial route playable in the Port and will grant at the end of every turn a bonus of 2 coins and 1 card.
The participation makes the game less randomic,not depending entirely on the card you draw and it’ s a small tribute to the cooperation that went on between the Genoeses during the 1814.


In Zena1814 you’ll have 4 meeples, each one with a “Majority value”:

  • 1 FamilyChief ( 5 MV)
  • 1 Dame (3 MV)
  • 2 Offsprings ( 2 MV)

At the end of every turn, after cheking and assigning the bonuses of the card, you will also check the majority in every keyplace, assigning the correspondant bonus.
In case of a tie noone will get the bonus.
Since back in 1814 women weren’t allowed to have main roles in the public life we decided to have the Dame not being able to rule a keyplace, except fot the Palaces of the OldTown, and get the bonus even if she has the majority in it.

John has his Dame in the Port along with Paul’s offspring. Even if John’s Dame is winning 3-2 John won’t get the 1 coin and the 1 VP granted by the Port.

John has his Dame and an offspring in the Port along with both Paul’s offsprings.
In this case John, winning 5(3+2) – 4 (2+2) will receive the Port bonus because his offspring will technically rule the Port being supported by the Dame.


Preview from Essen 2015

Interview The Spiel



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